+500 Million users

Want to enter on a market, with +500 Million users, building a Web-App/Web-Extension?

Your Company

You have a Startup/Company or you are just an Freelancer/Developer and you have an Idea/Product/Service?

What We Offer


We handle or assist to all the development process from the scratch for your Google Chrome Web-App/Extension.


We have experience integrating with the Google WebStore payment services: In-App Payments, Paid Up-Front, Subscription, Free trial.

We also integrate your App/Website with Google Adsense, Google Admob, Google Analytics, Youtube Adsense and Analytics, Google Webmaster, Infolinks Ads, Paypal, Google WalletGoogle Payments Mercant Center, Google Adwords.


We Deploy the Web-App to the Google Chrome Webstore and handle all the technical details for a successful launch. We have +5 years of experience working with Google Chrome WebStore and we know how Google Algorithm ranks the Apps/Extensions on the WebStore.

We know how to position your App/Extension in the first ranking spots.

Browsers Porting

We port your App/Extension to Opera Addons, to Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.


We have all the Tools and Knowledge for a successful transitions between Testing and Production environments. We do this every day with +40 Extensions and +1.5M users.

Small Investment

We can guarantee that with a small investment your app/service will get more traffic and will open more doors for users reach you.

Why chose us?

We have a extensive portfolio of Applications that gave us knowledge in this Business.

  • +5 years experience in Web-Development (Html5, css3, javascript, Jquery).
  • +5 years experience working with the Google Chrome API



We work with the best tools in the Development and Design process to achieve the highest quality Web-Apps/Extensions.

We know all the Tips and Tricks in this business.

We are one of the top Developers of the Google Chrome WebStore counting on the number of applications and users.

We gather a lot of experience since the first launch of our first Extension. We mastered the process in all it’s details.

  • Brand Consulting 80% 80%
  • Marketing Campaigns 45% 45%
  • Custom Website Design 95% 95%

Our Work Flow


After Development cycle, we make a Testing cycle and only when everything is perfect we Deploy the Application. It’s a iterative process.


This is essential for a successful entrance in the Google Chrome WebStore. It’s a time consuming task but very important in the process.

Social Media Networks

We glue the Website, Application and Social Media Networks all together. This means that if a user enter in any of the vertices of this Triangle it will reach any of it’s part’s.

Available for Android

Google Chrome WebStore and Google Play link

There is a link between Google Chrome WebStore and Google Play.

If you have an Android App we can make an equivalent Web-App/Extension for Google Chrome and both Apps will be linked through the WebStore.

Generate Sinergy's

This link allow you to create Synergies between your Android App and the Google Chrome App/Extension. We are talking in joining both Stores that together value 1.5 Billion users.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Besides Web-App/Extensions we can register your domain, build your website, manage servers and email.
  • How much does it cost to Develop an Web-Extensions? It can go as low as 500$ to 50.000$. It only depends of the complexity of the Web-Extension.
  • Can my service/app have an Web-Extension? Yes! It can be as simple as a Icon in Google Chrome that points to your website to a complex application just like you have on Android/Iphone.
What kind of clients do you work with?

We can work as low as Indie Developers, to Startups or fully implement Company’s that want to drive their business through the market of the Web-Apps/Extensions.

How much time does it take to develop a Extension?

If it’s a simple Web-Extension that acts like a link to a website it can be done is less then a week (7 days). In a more complex scenarios it can take to 3 Month development.

What is the Price?

It can go as low as 5.000$ to 500.000$. There is a policy of negotiation until both parts are comfortable with the price.

OinkAndStuff ranks 4 Apps in 9 of the best Extensions for Social Media for Google Chrome.

In: 9 Best Social Media Extensions For Chrome.


OinkAndStuff ranks 4 Apps in 10 of the best Addons for Social Media on Opera Browser.

In :10 Awesome Social Media Add-ons You’ll Love for Opera.


WhatsApp Messenger developed by OinkAndStuff is featured as the best Extension for WhatsApp by Russian and Spanish Tech websites.

lifehacker.ru and adslzone.net

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