Browser Extension πŸ’» Win/Mac/Linux for X – Twitter


X - Twitter 🐀

A low profile and compact client with full Xβ„’ – Twitterβ„’ features πŸ₯


Sidebar ⭐

Adjust window in your favorite position. It will be saved for future use.
Otherwise make it a Sidebar Window (Option On/Off) 🚨


Security πŸ”’

Everything is done directly on Xβ„’ – Twitterβ„’ platform πŸ”‘


Settings 🚧

Auto-Start when browser starts(configure as On/Off).
Back/forward buttons for fast switching between conversations.
Refresh button to force self-actualization of the conversation 🌝
Configurations in a Options section.

Real-time non-intrusive notifications in the App icon

Exclusive features

Minimalistic Design

Mobile - Android

Fits in a 1Mb App and contains Twitter Lite 🐣

Xβ„’ - Twitterβ„’ official App is slow, drain battery and sizes 100Mb πŸ”‹


Xβ„’ - Twitterβ„’ official App is slow, drain battery and makes your phone slow ⚑


Easy for X - Twitter

Visit the WebStore, Webstore

Easy for X - Twitter

Visit the Add-ons, Add-ons

Easy for X - Twitter

Visit the Add-ons, Add-ons

Easy for X - Twitter

Visit the Add-ons, Add-ons

Easy for X - Twitter

Visit the Google Play Store, Android

Easy for X - Twitter

Browser Extension πŸ’» Win/Mac/Linux


Browser Extension πŸ’» Win/Mac/Linux

v11.2 - 01/05/2024

⚑ Updated Jquery from 3.6.4 to 3.7.1
⚑ Updated introJS from 6.0.0 to 7.2.0
🦊 Some improvements for Firefox version of the extension


v11.1 – 15/04/2024
🐞 Some bugfixes and performance improvements
πŸ’¬ The badge above the icon in the browser toolbar improved. It will show your unread conversation on X. Just keep the Extension Open and it will refresh this badge automatically.
🧊 The badge color also improved to match X color.
v11.0 – 25/03/2024
πŸ”— Fixed Chrome links for the new WebStore Link format from to =>
πŸ’» Fixed window size that was getting bounds.height instead of workArea.height. The window was resized behind Windows and MacOs taskbar. Now it will get the available working area of the screen and the Extension window will be more perfectly positioned πŸ‘
🐞 Some bugfixes and improvements
v10.9 – 01/03/2024
🀩 Minor bugfixes
v10.8 – 31/01/2024
🐀 Some bugfixes and improvements ❌
v10.7 – 13/09/2023
Now Twitter 🐀 moved to X ❌
Extension updated to the new platform ⭐
Enjoy the Super App: Easy for X πŸ’Ž
v10.6 – 06/04/2023
🚧 Updated Jquery library to v3.6.4
🚨 Updated IntroJs library to v6.0.0
😁 Updated Jquery-ContextMenu library to v2.9.2
πŸ’¬ Updated Toastr library to v2.1.4
v10.5 – 03/02/2023
🚧 Microsoft Edge now built on manifest V3
πŸ’Ž Faster performance and bug fix
v10.4 – 16/05/2022
🧊 Fixes some bugs and performance improvements.
πŸ’£ Fixed some interface issues.
🚧 Major improvements on Edge and Firefox browser extension
πŸ’Ž Use Firefox or Edge Browser for the best performance and latest features πŸ’Ž
v10.3 – 08/12/2020
πŸ’£ Fixes some bugs and performance improvements.
😁 Fixed some interface issues.
v10.0 – 21/04/2020
🚨Google Chrome Users🚨
πŸ’£ This is the new generation of the extension that starts at V5.0. If you have an older version than this, please remove it and add this extension.
🀴 This new version is the one that will be supported from now on. The older versions will not be supported anymore and is not available anymore in the Store.
😍 Install this new version.
v7.8 – 02/03/2020
πŸ‘‘ Bugfixes on interface.
😍 Performance improvements.
v7.7 – 05/07/2019
πŸ‘‘ Fix logout button not logging out.
😍 Fix the interface being cut at top.
😎 Improved multi accounts.
v7.6 – 11/06/2019
πŸ˜ƒ App can be opened from other oinkandstuff extensions directly.
πŸ’— New Entry by right click on the App icon: Go Premium 🧑
πŸ›’ Get the New Premium Item: 🚨 App Booster 🚨
v7.5 – 05/06/2019
πŸ’£ Updated Material Design to version 2.2.0
🚨 Updated JQuery to version 3.4.1
🎯 Support for multiple accounts
🍎 Support our work by giving us ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars: here
v7.4 – 09/04/2019
🀩 Upgrade of the Material Design from v0.34.0 to v1.1.0 – the latest version.
😍 New topbar upgraded to the latest Material Design.
πŸ”§ Improved the settings menu. Previously 3 dots on the right top of the window. Now 3 lines (hamburger) on the top left.
πŸ˜‡ Improved layout and default window size is now bigger to adapt to bigger screen but maintaining the smartphone portrait layout.
🀠 Options page layout also improved a bit.
πŸ’€ Removed oinkandstuff Google+ (rest in piece) and replaced by our linkedin page. Give us a follow on Linkedin.
πŸ₯‹ Removed CSS from unused paged that lead to better performance.
🐞 For any bugs contact us by Social media, email or contact form.
v7.2 – 08/03/2019
🐞 Fixed missed notifications not showing in the app icon (badge)
v7.1 – 03/03/2019
πŸ₯³ Reduced memory consumption in 50%.
😡 Better integration with emoji keyboard.
πŸ₯Ά Other improvements and bugfixes.
v7.0 – 24/01/2019
πŸ‘‘ huge performance improvement. Moving code from setTimeout and setInterval to mutationObservers.
πŸš€ Change Javascript execution to document_start instead document_end for faster responsiveness and reduced opening times.
πŸ“Œ Integration with Emoji Keyboard 🍎🚧⭐
πŸ”§ On the bottom right of the window will show a new circle with an emoji: πŸ˜‚
πŸ’Ύ By clicking on it, it will ask to install the emoji keyboard or in case you have it installed will open the app.
⭐ Install now the Emoji keyboard for Google Chrome or Firefox and make your texts way more fun β­πŸš€
v6.9 – 18/12/2018
πŸ“Œ Improvements on App Notifications.
😍 Improvements on the Popup Notifications style.
🚧 Oher minor improvements.
🍎 Support our work by giving us ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars: here
v6.8 – 26/11/2018
🚧 Generic minor bugfixes.
πŸ‘‘ Performance improvements (10%)
πŸ”₯ Right click on App icon opens context menu so that you can rate the extension on the webstore. Please support our work by giving us ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars: here
v6.7 – 17/09/2018
⚑ Instant Messages reactivated. A popup occasionally may show when App starts with important information. On 3 dots (settings) -> OinkAndStuff News is also working again πŸ˜‡
😭 Support our work by following us on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter. Its important so that we can continue to improve our Apps with new and exciting features πŸ˜‰
🐞 Minor bugfixes and some performance improvements (10%)
πŸ† Improvements to be fully compatible for the new Chrome 69, 10th anniversary.
v6.6 – 17/08/2018
πŸš€ Improvements on the badge with notifications in the icon on the browser toolbar (more stable).
v6.5 – 04/07/2018
⏰ New button on the bottom right of the screen: Show/Hide the Top Toolbar.
πŸ’₯ It will allow to remove the oinkandstuff bar if you want to join the full App interface on the main window.
πŸ”₯ Use with care because you loose access to all settings when in hide mode.
πŸš€ Move from Jquery style to css scripts. It will make interface much faster.
v6.4 – 19/05/2018
😡 Rebranding: We have updated the extension name and icon.
😭 We have updated from Easy Twitter to Easy for Twitter to match our Android App.
v6.3 – 10/05/2018
πŸ“’ Minor improvements on the mini tutorial and on the Extra options (3 dots).
πŸ₯€ Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube for the latest releases and tips and tricks.
v6.2 – 23/04/2018
πŸ“± Integration with new App for Android
πŸ‘» Fixes on Incognito Mode.
🐞 Bugfixes and improvements on all scripts.
v6.1 – 28/03/2018
🚴 30% performance improvement.
🐞 Bugfixes and improvements on all scripts.
v6.0 – 25/02/2018
🀩 New Feature: Fast Access by Context Menu. Right click on a Twitter Link or on the Twitter website and open that link/page inside the App Window.
πŸ“’ Check our Youtube channel to see a tutorial for this and other features.
🚩 Make sure to Subscribe it because we will be releasing there all the explanations and tutorials about current and future features.
πŸ›’ Improved the Premium features section. Click on the πŸ›’ (shopping cart) icon on the Top Bar to explore this section.
πŸ’Ό Now it includes a tutorial with Google Pay and some Exclusive FREE and Premium features.
🐞 Bugfixes and improvements on all scripts.
v5.9 – 15/02/2018
πŸ€‘ New Premium Feature: Multi Window.
🀩 Open the App multiple times 🚴 and configure/clone πŸ‘ the current window 🎑
πŸ›’ Go to the shop Tab and get this new feature with Google wallet. The purchase will be allocated to you Google account and will be active on every computer with your Google Account.
v5.8 – 08/02/2018
πŸ€‘ New Premium Feature: Modify Theme – Skin Color.
🀩 Change the window look and feel with 7 filters.
πŸ›Έ Perfect for work/office to prevent other people from spying on your screen.
πŸ›’ Go to the shop Tab and get this new feature with Google wallet. The purchase will be allocated to you Google account and will be active on every computer with your Google Account.
v5.7 – 05/02/2018
🐞 Fixed Twitter headers not showing properly.
v5.6 – 29/01/2018
πŸ”₯ New feature button: screenshot window.
πŸ“· It will take a screenshot of the window. This feature is free to use but you have to have installed β€œUnlock Premium Content” in order for it to work. This feature will work as long as its installed.
🐞 Some bugfixes on the mini tutorial and on the Incognito Mode πŸ‘»
v5.5 – 22/12/2017
– Fixed profile picture not totally show.
– Fixed pictures stats on bottom not showing.
v5.4 – 17/12/2017
– Removed integration with fair Share Labs.
– New integration with: Unlock Premium Content extension from OinkAndStuff.
– An in-house extension for maximum security, delivery, and performance by OinkAndStuff.
– This extension will unlock premium content on all OinkAndStuff extensions for FREE. This way you don’t have to spend money and get all the extra features.
v5.3 – 16/11/2017
– Fixed the number of notification of the App icon in browser don’t refresh timely.
v5.2 – 17/09/2017
– Fixed the Tweet button not showing in some cases.
– Other minor improvements.
v5.1 – 11/09/2017
– When App is updated is displayed a little notification.
– Enable/disable this functionality in the settings page. Enabled by default.
– New entry in the show more (3 dots): Extensions catalog will list all OinkAndStuff extensions.
– Real-time non intrusive notifications. In the App icon on the browser toolbar will show the number os messages, notifications pending/unanswered on Twitter.
– Enable/disable this functionality in the settings page. Enabled by default.
– Some other improvements and bugfixes.
v5.0 – 31/08/2017
– New Interface: Material Design.
v4.9 – 27/07/2017
– Minor Bugfixes.
v4.8 – 06/06/2017
– Bugfixes and performance improvements.
v4.7 – 07/05/2017
– Updated options in the About.
– Simplification on the TopBar.
v4.6 – 14/12/2016
– Mini tutorial improved with translations.
– On the first install the default Autostart is Off.
– When chrome/extension is updated/restarted it shows a popup notifying to close/open the window again.
v4.5 – 22/11/2016
– Fix bug on header spacing.
– New button on TopBar: Help. It shows a mini tutorial of the App features.
– This mini tutorial is also shown after the first install of the App.
v4.4 – 10/10/2016
– Improvement in screenshot quality.
– Fixed Incognito Mode icon not being selected on startup.
v4.3 – 07/09/2016
– Evolution from JQuery 2.0 -> 3.0 for performance improvements and technical bugfixes.
– Fixed Logout button to work again.
v4.2 – 28/07/2016
– Minor improvement on window position for Mac, linux, Windows, ChromeOs.
– Fixed tweet icon not showing.
v4.1 – 17/07/2016
– Fixed Tweet button not showing up.
– Window size with limitation when Zoomed.
– App TopBar with a new improved design.
– Usage of HD icons for improved quality. Most noticeably on Full HD and 4K screens.
v4.0 – 26/06/2016
– Options -> About: New Informations.
– Full Changelog link on Update screen.
v3.9 – 07/06/2016
– New button on topbar: Incognito Browsing.
– With this mode enabled there is no Browsing history or any traces os your navigation left in your browser.
v3.8 – 30/05/2016
– New button on topbar: Allways on Top.
– Allow to enable-disable this mode.
– With this mode enabled the window will be docked on the right side of the screen and remain on top while open.
v3.7 – 09/05/2016
– Remake on the interface.
– App fully functional again.
v3.6 – 17/04/2016
– Minor bugfixes.
– Correct detection of fairsharelabs extension on Premium page.
– Option to disable popup when App is updated with changelog.
v3.5 – 16/03/2016
– Web Search now on Google instead of Bing.
– jquery-2.2.1 (faster and stable).
– Minor bugfixes and minor interface changes.
v3.4 – 8/03/2016
– Incognito Mode: new button on the bottom right of the window.
– Incognito let you to hide posts. It only shows posts when your mouse pointer is over a particular post.


Browser Extension πŸ’» Win/Mac/Linux
  • notifications” – Used to send desktop notification. For example when a new message arrive or App is updated.
  • contextMenus” – Allow to add more settings when right click in the App icon in the browser toolbar and browser context menu.
  • storage” – Used to save settings on your local computer.
  • unlimitedStorage” – Storage is limited to 5MB of data that may not be enough to store all configs.
  • webRequest” & “webRequestBlocking” – Used to intercept some requests and modify x-frame-options or user-agent in order to provide you the mobile/smartphone version of the app (lighter, faster, less internet consumption and run as Sidebar) and also run the webpage in a background iframe (so that you can have real-time silent notifications with the latest news in the App icon on the browser toolbar as a badge).
  • all_urls” – We cannot predict ahead of time witch hosts/domains we must modify in order to provide the desired functionality detailed in the webRequest permission. It also allows that you can share content (links or text) from other pages directly to inside the App and tweet a friend for example. Also used to allow intercommunication with other oinkandstuff Apps (i.e. Emojis).
  • πŸ— #OinkAndStuff is certified as 100% Free of malware 🐞 by Softpedia Labs πŸ”¬