Videos and Playlists

Access to all YouTube videos and playlists but in a minimalist interface for fast access. Trending, profile and subscriptions are also available.



Adjust window in your favorite position. It will be saved for future use.
Otherwise make it a Sidebar Window (Option On/Off).



You are accessing directly to Google+โ„ข platform for maximum security, no need to share credentials to third party applications.



Auto-Start when browser starts(configure as On/Off).
Back/forward buttons for fast switching navigation.
Refresh button to force self-actualization of the page.
Configurations in a Settings section.



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Red Messenger for Youtube


v1.8 - 24/11/2017

– Previous fixes where not very efective. Hope this time they stick.
– Facebook Messenger improved.


v1.6 – 26/10/2017
– Fixed a small bug that when video was paused and the window is minimized it started playing again.
– When a video is playing you can minimize the Extension 1x and the video keeps playing (for listening to music for example). But if you maximize and minimize again the same video it will be force paused. Works good 1x per video.
v1.5 – 11/09/2017
– When App is updated is displayed a little notification.
– Enable/disable this functionality in the settings page. Enabled by default.
– New entry in the show more (3 dots): Extensions catalog will list all OinkAndStuff extensions.
– When App is minimized the video will resume automatically and will not pause (only once per video).
– Sometimes when refreshed the App restored to the mobile view Home. Now it will restore to the current page.
– Some other improvements and bugfixes.
v1.3 – 02/09/2017
– Minor fixes.
v1.2 – 01/09/2017
– Fixes on Material Design.
v1.1 – 29/08/2017
– New Interface with Material Design.
v1.0 – 25/08/2017
– First Release.