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Our Chrome Extensions for Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, …) have real-time non-intrusive notifications in the App icon and save up to 50% in CPU/Mem/Internet. Available for Win/Mac/Linux.

Google Chrome

Blue/Green/White Messenger

Social Media Apps slow down your smartphone. Our Apps are light and fit on 1Mb storage space. Available for Android.



We manage to build a Search Engine for finding Events where you can find what’s happening around you. It works for all over the world, so give it a try!

World Wide Events
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Google Chrome

List of Apps (Social Media Hub, Blue/Green/White Messenger and Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn) on Google Chrome Web Store.

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List of Apps (Angry Bolt, Blue/Green/White Messenger and World Wide Events) on Google Play.

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Apps for Opera browser (Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook and Google+, Twitter, Instagram) available on Opera Extensions.

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Check our Apps for Firefox! Have fun with Drumpfinator Extreme Edition and World Wide Events =D

World Wide Events

World Wide Events

Find events, from music to entertainment, from all over the world. Just type the location. Go out and have fun!

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Want to enter on a market, with +500 Million users, building a Web-App/Web-Extension?

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Visit our Shop where we have exclusive products (Coming soon).

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We have a section just for PokemonGO with Pokemaps that show where Pokemons are located.

#Websummit2017 Throwback!

OinkAndStuff and World Wide Events where present in Websummit and it was a blast. We met hundreds of people from Europe, Asia, America and Africa. We chat we lots of other startups in Alpha and Beta stage and besides the main Event we manage to also attend the Pub...

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