Oinkandstuff will be present on Websummit from 5-8 November 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal.

We will be on the event and we pretend to reach and meet new people and other Startups! Contact us 😄

We are looking for connecting with new Partners, new Clients and Investors.

We also pretend to promote our latest Event Search Engine World Wide Events specially it’s business. Nowadays aggregators are exploding in popularity. We have booking, skyscanner, momondo, trivago and many many more. From traveling to hotels, flights, restaurants, real estate, cars and so on. We aggregate Events, as simple as that. We go to meetup, eventbrite and join all those events in a single platform made in Material Design:

  • World Wide Events is the worlds most powerful search engine that provides real-time and geolocalized events.
  • Find up to hundreds of events from big cities to small villages on the entire world in a second
  • Events are categorized based on a pre-research algorithm made over AI+human analysis.
  • It uses today most advanced technologies with a cloud-only solution and Material Design.
  • Reactive website that automatically adjust to desktop/tablet/smartphone screen sizes.
  • Mobile App for Android and Extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.
  • We also be there to promote our +1 Million active users Android Apps and Extensions.

    Our Business over the Extensions is something that other companies should look for. The best way to promote an App or Website is not by spending money on Ads. Stop spending money on ads!

  • The best way to promote your Mobile App/Service/Website is to build a Chrome Extension.
  • Chrome Extensions are highly favored on Google Search ranking.
  • Google Chrome WebStore is visited by millions of users everyday. It generates higher SEO and brand awareness.
  • There is a link between Google Play and Google Chrome WebStore. When a publisher has Apps in both platforms it will be highly favoured in Google rankings (when searching on Google and inside the Stores).
  • The number of users will expand on all platforms because the audience becomes bigger.
  • By providing integrated Mobile + Desktop Apps it provides better user experience.
  • As you can see we have a ton of things to show. Contact us by email (contact@oinkandstuff.com) or by our contact page and meet us there on the Websummit or Night Summit!