Google ‘Spring Cleaning’ kills off Inbox, Allo, URL shortener, and Google+ in the next few weeks

Google is notorious at this point for killing off products seemingly for no reason. Sometimes it’s a shame, other times it goes nearly unnoticed. In the next few weeks, though, Google is preparing to kill off quite a few beloved products including Inbox by Gmail, Google+, Allo, and its URL shortener.

Here’s a calendar of what’s coming and what’s being killed with Google’s “Spring Cleaning.”

Google Allo – March 12th, 2019
The first casualty of Spring Cleaning 2019 is Google Allo. The company’s dozenth messaging service was hyped up by many after I/O 2016, even though it took quite a while to actually launch. After it finally arrived, though, it gained a lot of traction very quickly, but then fell on its face There were some loyal active users, but thanks to a setup that required a phone number and just a lack of users, Allo quickly started sinking.

Still, Allo did bring a lot of good. It’s messaging features were ahead of its time, and it was also the birthplace and the first place we got to try the Google Assistant. It also debuted alongside Google Duo, a video calling service which is currently thriving and arguably one of the company’s best products at the moment.


Google+ – April 2nd, 2019
It’s a day the media has been trying to make happen for years and years now. On April 2nd, 2019, Google+ officially dies. The social network which developed a very loyal fanbase, but failed to gain mainstream adoption.

Still, it seemed like Google wanted to keep trying with the platform, integrating it over the years into many other products including YouTube’s comments section (much to the hatred of some).

That was, until this past year when two security issues with the platform put the data of millions at risk and triggered both a shutdown and an escalation of that process. Now, we’re coming up quick on the April 2nd death date of Google+. The platform has been shuttering its APIs for the past few weeks and consumers have been notified of the platform’s death numerous times. Of course, Google+ is still on track to stick around as a business product. We’ll see how long that lasts.

If you’ve ever been an active Google+ user, don’t delay in downloading your data.


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