Update 1 (2018): See OinkAndStuff on Google Chrome Webstore: Link 😍πŸ”₯

Update 2 (2018): Finally Google released the New Web Store. Check it out: Link πŸ’ŽπŸ˜πŸ˜±

As you may know Google Chrome WebStore (the oficial website where Extensions are installed on Google Chrome) remained almost the same since it’s launch in December 2010. With exception of some minor updates on 2012 and 2014 it had few developments on the oppose to Google Play that had massive updates over time.

Extensions where by far the main culpit for the exponential grow of Google Chrome since it’s launch in the end of 2008 until today (2018). They lead to a skyrocket grow that allowed to overcame Microsoft IE/Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari making headlines all over the world

But this lack of Development on the Google Chrome Webstore are about to change very soon in a move to consolidate it’s supremacy on the Browsers market.

Starting with the Chrome WebStore Developer Dashboard (the page where Developers can manage and submit Extensions) Google is emailing some of the highest level Developers (oinkandstuff.com is one of them) to try the Early access to the new Google Chrome WebStore Dashboard:

Dear Chrome Web Store Developer,
You're invited to join an early access preview of the new Chrome Web Store Developer Dashboard!

What is it?

We're re-writing the developer dashboard from the ground up. In preparation for the full launch in the coming months, we are looking for enthusiastic developers to try out the new dashboard, share feedback and report bugs.

How do I get started?

To get started, fill out this form to let us know you are interested in participating. We will be adding new testers gradually, so expect to receive a follow up email sometime in the coming weeks with more information about how to get started using the new dashboard.

I'm interested, but unfinished products make me nervous...

That's OK! The existing developer dashboard will continue to work as-is for the full duration of the early access program. Even if you opt in to try the new dashboard, you can still go back to the old dashboard at any time.

Thanks in advance for helping to shape the new Chrome Web Store developer experience. We look forward to your feedback!


The Chrome Web Store Team😍πŸ”₯

This move from Google leads that they are trying to bring the Level of Google Chrome WebStore to the level of Google Play.

It also means that Extensions aren’t forgoted to the Google Chrome future. They are and will continue to be the major factor for it to dominate the Browser market.

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