As you may have noticed we have made available our Apps to Google Chrome and Opera. We also started to roll out Apps to Mozilla Firefox but the portfolio is small on there, and for Microsoft Edge we have none until now. We where asked sometimes about that and the website (Germany) made and article about that.

So why the lack of Apps for Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox if OinkAndStuff API is portable to all platforms?

Mozilla Firefox in the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 decided to remove it’s old API for Extensions development and start to support the Chrome API. They called it WebExtensions, as you can see it here, here and here.

So they are fully rolling out WebExtensions API. The problem is that even with over 1 year of development they had and continue to have bugs that prevent OinkAndStuff Apps to run properly on the Mozilla Firefox Browser. You can see them here. We have opened/reported some bugs there and we are waiting for them have the API more stable and fixed in order for we roll all our Apps to Mozila Firefox.

Microsoft Edge also promised support for Chrome API in the end of 2016 and already started to roll WebExtensions as you can see here and here

The issue is that for now only a very small group of Extensions are available for Microsoft Edge. They have not opened the platform to all Developers so that they can publish them on the Windows Store.

Until then it’s impossible for us to publish our portfolio in the Windows Store. The will open it to everyone somewhere in time. It’s a matter of patience an wait.