We are launching a new service called World Wide Events. It’s a search engine that finds every party, event or festival on every corner of the earth in real-time. Just type the location. Go out and have fun!

Want to know what is happening around you? This search engine will tell you what you need to know.
Go out and hit that party or event, make friends and enjoy life!
It works just like Google but only shows events that are happening or will happen on the location you searched.

★ Set your usual locations on the extension.
★ Set period of time (day or week) for that location.
★ Anytime and within 2 clicks find the events for those pre-defined locations/periods of time.
✔ Works just like Google.
✔ Works for every contrys and in real-time.
✔ Get the event description and location.
✔ Share the event with anyone by direct link or on social networks.