The only App/Extension 💻 in the world that truly brings together all Social Media Networks 🚨

Price 💰

  • Free Trial Period of 24h where you can experience the App.
  • Monthly subscription of 4.99$.
  • Unsubscribe at any time.

Premium features ⭐

  • All Premium features (actual and future) are unlocked inside the application during Free Trial and Full Subscription.
  • Continuous support and new features over time.

Price 💰

  • Free Trial Period of 24h where you can experience the App.
  • One time payment of 4.99$.

Premium features ⭐

  • Premium features can be purchased apart.
  • Continuous support and new features over time.

Pinterest™ 📌

Access to your Pins, navigate and share your favorite pins!

Tumblr™ 📒

Access to Tumblr™ and blog/re-blog your favorite posts 💣 Full features available!

LinkedIn™ 💼

Access to LinkedIn™ and see your profile, notification, news and search 🔎 Full features available 🥊

YouTube™ 📹

YouTube is present with it’s mobile interface 📱 Super fast and one of the most valuable addition to Social media Hub 🚀 It works flawlessly.

Tinder™ 😍

Tinder is also available with all features, from swipe to like and super like or chat 😘

Facebook™ and Facebook Messenger™ 💧

Access to your News Feed, Chats, Notifications just like in the website but in a clean, simple and compact interface 👓

Instagram™ Web 📷

Like, comment and browse photos 💿
See your own wall with the news feed and view your friends profile 🌝 No need to use your smartphone to see and comment your friends pictures.

WhatsApp™ Messenger 💬

Text with your friends on your computer by WhatsApp™ Messenger ⭐ Full featured, clean and intuitive interface.
You have full access to all chats but in a minimalist interface for fast access 🛴

Twitter™ 🐤

A low profile and compact client with full Twitter™ features 🐣

Reddit™ 🛸

Access to your Reddit just like in the smartphone 📱 but in a minimalist interface for fast access.

Skype™ 👑

Skype™ is also included within the App. Text and make video calls 📹 with your friends. Lots of company’s use this app to chat.

Telegram™ 📮

Telegram is now available on Desktop. The latest App with cutting edge technology 📆

Real-time non-intrusive notifications in the App icon 📌

Support real-time notifications ⭐ for: Facebook, Instagram, Google Hangouts, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn and Telegram / WhatsApp 🥊

Real-time status of each social media inside the App 👑

Social Media with: messages/notifications/requests show tainted in orange 🛑 in the icon inside the App window 🌃

Premium features

Video and Image Downloader (Facebook™ Messenger) 💾

You can download all photos and videos with a click of a button in profiles and int the news feed. The files (photos and videos) downloaded are in original resolution that are deployed on Facebook platform.

Desktop Notifications (Facebook™ Messenger) 📌

It will display a beautiful notification on your desktop using chrome API.

Infinite scroll (Instagram™ Web) ⚡

Scroll on user’s feed automatically without have to explicitly click to expand!

Convert to Desktop Links (Facebook™ Messenger) 💣

Convert the extension links to facebook desktop ( links and opens them in a new tab.

Close Open Chat (WhatsApp™ Messenger) ❌

A new button or esc key allows you to close the current chat and don’t let others see conversations!

Multi Window/Account 💣

Open the App Window multiple times and clone the current window or enter new credentials and use multiple accounts at the same time.

Unlock Facebook Secret Emotions (Facebook™ Messenger) 🤓🙀

Unlock 160 new emotions.
Available on chat and comments on storys/photos/events. Visible for everyone (desktop/mobile).

Share Facebook Links (Facebook™ Messenger) 🔊

Share Facebook posts and photos you like most with your friends. This feature gives you a link that you can share with everyone.

Share Instagram Links (Instagram™ Web) 📷

Share Instagram posts and photos you like most with your friends. This feature gives you a link that you can share with everyone.

High-Resolution Video and Image Downloader (Instagram™ Web) 💿

You can download all photos and videos with a click of a button in profiles and int the news feed. The files (photos and videos) downloaded are in original resolution that are deployed on Facebook platform.

Incognito Mode (WhatsApp™ Messenger) 👻

Chat Incognito and don’t let others see your conversations! Only you see the messages in this mode!

Theme/Skin color 👑

Change the Theme/Skin of the window. Perfect to usage at workplace/office. That way the window look is changed and is imperceptible what site/app are you seeing.

Convert text to Emojis (WhatsApp™ Messenger) 📮

Quickly convert the most used text smiles to the Emoji. Those are: :) # ;) # :* # :D # =D # ^^ # :P # :( # X( # :'( # :O # 8) # O-) # *_* # -_-

You can access to all 1100 emojis that are available on whatsApp by shortcuts. An panel with the Emojis will show with every options. There are 8 categories and each letter correspond to a category. The shortcuts are: :a # :b # :c # :d # :e # :f # :g # :h

Mobile - Android

Fits in a 1Mb App and contains Facebook™ (and Facebook™ Messenger), Twitter™, Instagram™, Google+™, Pinterest™, Tumblr™, LinkedIn™, Skype™ ⚡

Official Apps are slow, drain battery and sizes almost 1Gb 🔋

Access to all Social Media and save the maximum of battery and Bandwidth 📳


Social Media Hub

Visit the WebStore, Webstore

Social Media Hub Lite

Visit the WebStore, Webstore

Social Media Hub

Visit the Google Play Store, Android

Social Media Hub


Browser Extension 💻 Win/Mac/Linux

Mobile 📱 Android


Browser Extension 💻 Win/Mac/Linux

v7.4 - 14/06/2019

🚨 Direct Message DM 🚨 Starting in June 2019 the extension support Instagram DM
🚧 keep in mind that OinkAndStuff extension is the best and the only extension in Chrome Webstore to support fully DM Direct Message directly in Chrome
🦈 Our Native App Web for Instagram Direct DM for Win/mac/Linux will continue to function. Choose what you like best or both. It has exclusive features like: Block seen receipts; Users not following you back; Mutiple Accounts; Dark Theme;
⚡ Other improvements on performance, interface, and accounts.
😎 See our new Youtube video to keep track of the latest features:


v7.3 – 10/05/2019
💬 Fixed Skype.
📷 Improvements on Instagram.
🔥 Improvements on Whatsapp.
v7.0 – 13/02/2019
🚧 Huge performance improvements by removing legacy javascript for the new Echma Script versions.
💩 Removed Goole+ and Goole Allo because Google is shutting down this services next month.
👑 Added Reddit and Telegram 😀
v6.9 – 27/12/2018
📌 Improvements on App Notifications.
😍 Improvements on the Popup Notifications style.
🚧 Other minor improvements.
🍎 Support our work by giving us ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars: here
v6.8 – 29/11/2018
🚧 Fixed issues on Linkedin, Youtube and Instagram.
💬 Improved messenger.
😍 Fixed Download images on Tinder.
🔥 All around performance increase (10%)
v6.6 – 16/08/2018
🐞 Improvements on the LinkedIn and Twitter notifications (more stable).
💬 Improvement on Skype function to show/hide the topbar (don’t require refresh anymore).
💧 Improvement on Facebook (some interface showed a new back button)
v6.5 – 13/08/2018
🎥 Instagram -> Fixed the login logout issue. Fixed the 405 error.
💾 Instagram -> Old story style removed cause it messed with login. Only new story style available.
✨ Great performance increase.
v6.4 – 27/07/2018
🎥 Added Instagram IGTV. Instagram TV.
💾 You can now upload videos to Instagram on the IGTV section.
v6.2 – 12/06/2018
😭 Fixed Facebook top bar appear cut on some systems.
😄 Fixed Instagram Logout.
😬 Fixed LinkedIn screens not showing properly.
v6.1 – 04/06/2018
🚴 Fixed Instagram Interface to adapt to new features.
💬 Now you can download Insta Stories. Open Insta Storie and will show a button to Download Story.
🐞 Fixed Notifications on LInkedin, Skype and Facebook.
🐞 Improvements on the speed of showing notifications on the badge without hit on performance.
v6.0 – 09/05/2018
🚴 Fixed Download photos on Facebook.
💬 Improvements on Instagram.
💻 Fixed WhatsApp notifications counter not showing on icon badge on Browser toolbar.
🐞 Fixed Download images on Tinder.
🐞 Improvements on the speed of showing notifications on the badge without hit on performance.
👻 Some fixes on Incognito mode and Logout.
v5.9 – 28/03/2018
🚴 30% increase in performance overall on all social media.
💬 Massive improvements on Instagram: Instastories, over popup on pictures, performance.
💻 Improvements on Facebook and minor fixes on all other social media.
🐞 Bugfixes and improvements on all scripts.
v5.8 – 27/02/2018
🤩 New Feature: Fast Access by Context Menu. Right click on a SOcial Media Link or on a Social Media website and open that link/page inside the App Window.
📢 Check our Youtube channel to see a tutorial for this and other features.
🚩 Make sure to Subscribe it because we will be releasing there all the explanations and tutorials about current and future features.
🛒 Improved the Premium features section. Click on the 🛒 (shopping cart) icon on the Top Bar to explore this section.
💼 Now it includes a tutorial with Google Pay and some Exclusive FREE and Premium features.
🐞 Bugfixes and improvements on all scripts.
v5.7 – 12/02/2018
🤑 New Premium Feature: Modify Theme – Skin Color.
🤩 Change the window look and feel with 7 filters.
🛸 Perfect for work/office to prevent other people from spying on your screen.
v5.6 – 06/02/2018
🔥 Improvements on Tinder and Twitter.
💾 Tinder: High resolution photos download.
🐞 Fixed Twitter not showing header on new Tweet.
v5.5 – 02/02/2018
🔥 Improvements on Google+ and Hangouts.
📷 Notifications on Instagram improved. Now it shows all details of messages, likes, follows.
🐞 Other minor bugfixes.
v5.4 – 26/01/2018
🔥 Massive improvements on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram with a faster and well integrated interface.
📷 Screenshot Window is now available every time on all Social Media with exceptional quality. Really awesome and useful feature. Remember to have installed “Unlock Premium Content” for it to work.
💾 It will take a screenshot and downloads a PNG of the file to your computer of what you are viewing. Just like the screenshot feature on smartphones.
🐞 Other minor bugfixes.
v5.3 – 19/01/2018
– Fixed extension not running. Cause was skype notifications not working.
– Instagram now shows the number of new notifications in the App badge.
– Changed Instagram share/open/download/screenshot icons locations and style.
– Changed Facebook share/open/convert/download/screenshot icons locations and style.
– Improved 35% in performance in all social media.
v5.2 – 18/12/2017
– Removed integration with fair Share Labs.
– New integration with: Unlock Premium Content extension from OinkAndStuff.
– An in-house extension for maximum security, delivery, and performance by OinkAndStuff.
– This extension will unlock premium content on all OinkAndStuff extensions for FREE. This way you don’t have to spend money and get all the extra features.
v5.1 – 28/11/2017
– Introduced new stories on Instagram.
– Upload insta stories.
– Introduced new Social Media Network: Tinder!!
– Fixed notifications on Google Allo.
– Improvements on all Social Media Networks.
v5.0 – 18/11/2017
– Fixed check boxes not showing on Facebook.
– Moved the incognito mode on Messenger to the Top of the Chat window to don’t mess with users messages.
– Fixed Instagram interface on News Feed.
– Fixed Twitter notifications not being properly refreshed.
v4.9 – 28/10/2017
– Fixes and improvements on: facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube.
– 100% increase performance in Instagram when scrolling on news feed.
– 50% increase performance on facebook when scrolling feed.
– 15%-25% overall increase performance on facebook.
v4.8 – 17/10/2017
– Fixed WhatApp badge not refreshing properly.
– Google Allo now in portrait mode instead of landscape.
– Improvements on Instagram and Facebook.
v4.7 – 26/09/2017
– Fixed Tweet button not showing on Twitter;
– Fixed Linkedin not loading in mobile view properly;
v4.6 – 13/09/2017
– Lots of exclusive new features.
– In the App icon on the browser toolbar it will show real-time non intrusive notifications on the tooltip (put the mouse under the App icon). Those included are: Facebook, Instagram, Google Hangouts, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn and Google Allo / WhatsApp.
– Inside the App you also have real-time status of each social media. Social Media with: messages/notifications/requests show tainted in orange in the icon inside the App window.
– To better view this features scroll up to the top of this page.
– Some bugfixes (Instagram stories and Facebook) and performance improvements.
– New entries on the More settings (3 dots button): Extension catalog and Social Media Hub for Android App.
v4.5 – 26/09/2017
– Added YouTube and Google Allo!
– New interface based on Material Design:
– Much smoother transitions and faster requests in each Social Networks.
– Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Skype, Hangouts, Google+, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Tumblr: transition from javascript methods to CSS make the interface transform instantaneously.
v4.3 – 27/07/2017
– Added Google Hangouts!
v4.1 – 22/06/2017
– Performance improvements.
v4.0 – 01/06/2017
– Minor fixes on all social media.
v3.9 – 14/05/2017
– Instagram: Upload picture to Instagram from your computer.
– Oinkandstuff exclusive feature.
– Other minor fixes on all social media.
v3.8 – 09/04/2017
– Badge shows notifications for Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp.
– Pinterest fixed.
– Major fixes on all social media Networks.
– New options on the Options page.
v3.7 – 16/02/2017
– Some fixes on Facebook Messenger.
– Much improved performance.
v3.6 – 08/02/2017
– Fixed LinkedIn navigation bar and major improvements.
– Fixed Pinterest login via facebook.
– Fixed skype login via Microsoft
– Instagram new Interface!
v3.5 – 29/01/2017
– When mouse over pictures on Instagram and WhatsApp a popup will show the image in a bigger size.
– Performance improvements and bug fixes on all Social Media.
– All Javascript libraries updated to latest versions.
v3.4 – 17/12/2016
– Jquery 3.1.1.
– Performance improvements and bug fixes.
– Style changes on popups.
– Mini tutorial improved with translations.
– On the first install the default Autostart is Off.
– When chrome/extension is updated/restarted it shows a popup notifying to close/open the window again.
v3.3 – 24/11/2016
– Major fixes on Facebook and Twitter.
– Added widebar reset on Tumblr and whatsapp.
– Added a mini tutorial of the TopBar when first installed.
– Improved Instagram search and fixed the Instagram bar on top.
v3.2 – 25/10/2016
– Facebook Messenger changed position.
– it can open in portrait instead of landscape window.
– Some other minor fixes.
v3.1 – 18/10/2016
– Added Skype! Now you can talk with your friends on Skype Messenger.
– New interface.
– All Social networks received improvements and Bugfixes.
v3.0 – 07/09/2016
– Evolution from JQuery 2.0 -> 3.0 for performance improvements and technical bugfixes.
– Twitter: Fixed Logout button to work again.
– Facebook: Fixed login screen alignment – Fixed passing some links over chat not being converted – Fixed logout only work at second try.
– Google+: Bugfix on Notifications and editing profile.
– WhatsApp: Fixed Premium Feature Convert Text to Emoji.
v2.9 – 28/07/2016
– Minor improvement on window position for Mac, linux, Windows, ChromeOs.
– Fixes on Social Networks: facebook, twitter and whatsapp.
v2.8 – 09/07/2016
– Window size with limitation when Zoomed.
– App TopBar with a new improved design.
– Usage of HD icons for improved quality. Most noticeably on Full HD and 4K screens.
– Fix on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.
– Some change on options page on the About section and explanation about the TopBar.
v2.7 – 11/06/2016
– Fixed Instagram searchbar.
– Fixed facebook new links and badge on icon in Browser show again the missed facebook notifications.
v2.6 – 07/06/2016
– New button on topbar: Incognito Browsing. Click on the down arrow of the TopBar to view the new button.
– Allow to enable-disable this mode.
– With this mode enabled there is no Browsing history or any traces os your navigation left in your browser.
– Minor fixes on facebook, twitter and instagram.
v2.5 – 31/05/2016
– New button on topbar: Allways on Top. Click on the down arrow of the TopBar to view the new button.
– Allow to enable-disable this mode.
– With this mode enabled the window will be docked on the right side of the screen and remain on top while open.
– All social networks received bugfixes.
– Renew interfaces and better flow on install and update.
v2.4 – 16/05/2016
– Facebook: Bugfixes.
– Instagram: Bugfixes.
– Linkedin: Bugfixes.
– General performance improvements.
– Better interfaces.
v2.2 – 20/04/2016
– Facebook: Now with Messenger and new topbar.
– Instagram: some improvements and Bugfixes.
– Performance improvements and new settings.
v2.1 – 02/03/2016
– New Social media networks. Tumblr, Pinterest and Linkedin.
– Search Web now redirects to Google.
– Major bugfixes on facebook, whatsapp and google+.
– Incognito Mode available across all Social Media Networks.
– Performance improvements.
v2.0 – 11/02/2016
– Minor fixes on facebook

Mobile 📱 Android

v3.2.0 - 18/08/2018

🐞 Fixed Notifications and Logout.


v3.1.0 – 24/06/2018
😬 When sharing links to inside the App through the Android Send Menu some links where not properly fetched.
😂 Improved the Open/Sharing to extract the links properly.
v2.9.0 – 14/06/2018
😍 New feature: Notifications for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Skype.
⌚ By Default Notifications are Disabled.
💡 You can activate them and switch between: every 15 minutes or 30 minutes or 1 hour.
👻 This notifications are very light and don’t consume CPU or battery. They also respect Android Doze and are implemented by Google Firebase.
v2.8.0 – 13/05/2018
🐞 Fixed sharing a post with a video for the popup with the options show under the video and making impossible to select the sharing options.
v2.7.0 – 03/05/2018
🚀 Now you can share links from Android Share Menu directly to the App. Share inside the App.
🛸 You can also Open a Social Network link ( from Android Open in Menu inside the App.
🔧 New option Permissions. Click and grant all permissions for App work at 100%
⚡ The App is available as InstantApp following the latest Android technologies and guideline.
v2.4.0 – 16/04/2018
😀 When App is Updated it will show a dialog where you can click to see the changelog.
🛒 Premium features: You can buy 2 items (In-App and Subscription). Remove ads and all the ads are gone. Support OinkAndStuff by a small amount of money so that we can improve our Apps.
🗿 You can check the history of the purchases.
🤩 Free Premium features: you can have the Premium features for Free. Just watch the Google rewarded videos.
v2.2.0 – 07/03/2018
🧙 New button: Reset App to reset App to it’s original state
🧚 Built against Android Oreo 8.1 for faster performance and stability
🧛 Min Android compatibility lowered to Android 4.0 from 4.4
v2.1.0 – 12/01/2018
🔥 Fixed Facebook new notifications not showing on the list.
💧 Fixed Facebook Lite header being too wide on landscape.
v1.9.0 – 07/01/2018
– Added Hangouts for a better and wider experience.
– On par with Chrome Extension.
v1.8.0 – 27/11/2017
– Improvements on Facebook performance.
– Facebook notifications chat and friends request now open full view.
– Videos on facebook in full screen now don’t crash.
– Instagram now can post and view stories.
– Skype view area bigger and text area also wider.
v1.7.0 – 16/10/2017
– Fixed links not working properly on Facebook Lite.
– Fixed detection of network state.
v1.6.0 – 09/10/2017
– Compiled agains Android 8.0 oreo.
– Performance improvements.
– Some Javascript and CSS improvements to be on par with Chrome improvements.
– Hit back button to many times now prevents exiting. Shows a dialog to confirm this action.
– Fixed Instagram, Skype, Google + not entering correctly.
– Default behaviour does not colapse topbar. Configuration in the Options screen.
v1.5.0 – 19/07/2017
– Lots of bugfixes;
v1.4.0 – 14/05/2017
– Instagram now Allows to Upload photos;
– New Interface and new icons;
– More settings;
v1.3.0 – 02/05/2017
– App opens in your last location (Facebook, Messenger, Lite);
– When scrolling down the Action bar is dismissed for a full wide viewing experience;
– New HD icons;
– New menu option: Settings;
– Settings: Chrome Extension, About, Other Apps/Extensions, Social Media, Close;
v1.2.0 – 14/04/2017
– Fixed Pinterest not loading correctly.
v1.1.0 – 26/02/2017
– Fixed Messenger to fit to screen.
v1.0.0 – 12/02/2017
– First Release
– Support for Android on Google Play

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