News and Circles

Access to your News Feed, Circles and Notifications just like in the website but in a minimalist interface for fast access.


Adjust window in your favorite position. It will be saved for future use.
Otherwise make it a Sidebar Window (Option On/Off).


You are accessing directly to Google+™ platform for maximum security, no need to share credentials to third party applications.


Auto-Start when browser starts(configure as On/Off).
Back/forward buttons for fast switching navigation.
Refresh button to force self-actualization of the page.
Configurations in a Settings section.



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App for Google+


v4.9 - 11/09/2017

– When App is updated is displayed a little notification.
– Enable/disable this functionality in the settings page. Enabled by default.
– New entry in the show more (3 dots): Extensions catalog will list all OinkAndStuff extensions.
– Some other improvements and bugfixes.


v4.8 – 01/09/2017
– New Interface: Material Design.
v4.7 – 06/06/2017
– Bugfixes and performance improvements.
v4.6 – 14/05/2017
– Minor bugfixes.
v4.5 – 27/03/2017
– Upgrade from jQuery 3.1.1 to 3.2.0.
– App for Google+ now Available for Android.
– Pick your smartphone and give it a try.
v4.4 – 14/12/2016
– Mini tutorial improved with translations.
– On the first install the default Autostart is Off.
– When chrome/extension is updated/restarted it shows a popup notifying to close/open the window again.
v4.3 – 22/11/2016
– New button on TopBar: Help. It shows a mini tutorial of the App features.
– This mini tutorial is also shown after the first install of the App.
v4.2 – 07/10/2016
– Performance improvements and technical bugfixes.
v4.1 – 07/09/2016
– Evolution from JQuery 2.0 -> 3.0 for performance improvements and technical bugfixes.
– Bugfix on Google+ Notifications and editing profile.
v4.0 – 28/07/2016
– Minor improvement on window position for Mac, linux, Windows, ChromeOs.
v3.9 – 05/07/2016
– Window size with limitation when Zoomed.
– App TopBar with a new improved design.
– Usage of HD icons for improved quality. Most noticeably on Full HD and 4K screens.
v3.8 – 27/06/2016
– Minor bugfixes;
v3.7 – 07/06/2016
– New button on topbar: Incognito Browsing.
– With this mode enabled there is no Browsing history or any traces os your navigation left in your browser.
v3.6 – 30/05/2016
– New button on topbar: Allways on Top.
– Allow to enable-disable this mode.
– With this mode enabled the window will be docked on the right side of the screen and remain on top while open.
v3.5 – 17/04/2016
– Minor bugfixes.
– Correct detection of fairsharelabs extension on Premium page.
– Option to disable popup when App is updated with changelog.
v3.4 – 16/03/2016
– Web Search now on Google instead of Bing.
– jquery-2.2.1 (faster and stable).
– Minor bugfixes and minor interface changes.
v3.3 – 29/02/2016
– Incognito Mode: new button on the bottom right of the window.
– Incognito let you to hide posts. It only shows posts when your mouse pointer is over a particular post.
v3.2 – 4/02/2016
– New Free Feature: Search Bar on Top.
– Search anything just like Google or Bing.