Premium Features

Google Wallet

All premium features have a symbolic price.
All purchase flow is 100% secured by Google Wallet and everything is done directly on Google In-App purchase platform.

Purchase Flow

All purchase flow is secured by Google.
See gallery images.
After the purchase you get a license of your purchased feature.


All features have a symbolic price of 1.49$ or 2.99$.


This features have support and priority in further developments.


To know witch Apps have this features available just install them and you will see a button on the top bar of the application to purchase the features available to that specific App.

Premium Features

All applications are completely free.
Still, some “premium features” will roll out as in-app purchases. Inside the applications you can unlock those “premium features” if your are interested on having them (for a very low price).
These will only roll out on Browsers with in-app purchase feature available.


Social Media Hub have a 24h Free Trial.
After Trial expires you can purchase the item on the Webstore for full license.

Browser Suported

As we speak, only Google Chrome support in-app purchase.

Witch apps will receive those features

It will start on Facebook™ Messenger, Instagram™ WebWhatsApp™ Messenger and Social Media Hub.
On the long run, it will expand to all.

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