On this post I will compare the diference and Evolution between a version 1.0 of our product launched in 2014 and the version 16.0 of our product launched in 2019. For that comparison we created an animated GIF that shows How the interface evolved in time:


Our first version in 2014 and 2015 have a very basic interface. We where mostly working with HTML 2.0 and Jquery 1.x versions. We had 100 lines of code and it was enough to give very basic functions. The product was stable but the interface was really bad. On the Animated GIF the example is given by our App Blue Messenger, but this evolution was made in every of our +40 Apps. by this time we introduced
โ€ข App/Extension Auto-start as computer/chrome starts
โ€ข Sidebar window automatic adjustment
โ€ข Some In-App premium features

2016 – 2017

By this time we improved a lot the interface and functionality. Jquery was updated to version 3.0.0 and introduced new libraries such as file-saver, html2canvas, introJs and Toastr.
We also included a lot of new features:
โ€ข Logout 1 click button
โ€ข Insert/open links inside the app/extension
โ€ข WideBar to automatically adjust the window width
โ€ข Incognito mode
โ€ข Window Always on top
โ€ข Mini tutorial

2018 – 2019

In this timeframe we introduced new features requested by our users and improved performance. We also introduced Material Design. It was introduced in 2 different phases. First it was added the MDC Navigation Drawer and later the topbar also received the Material Design icons, style and Menus. This move allowed that users made a soft and easy transition from Mobile App to Desktop/Laptop Extension.
We also included new features:
โ€ข Popup with Oinkandstuff news
โ€ข Desktop Notifications and In-App notifications when App is updated with a Changelog
โ€ข Window Screenshot
โ€ข Incognito mode that obfuscate the window for others don’t spy on your screen
โ€ข Hide TopBar
โ€ข Integration with Emojy Keyboard
โ€ข Share, Rate and Review
โ€ข Integration between Chrome Webstore and Android App in Google Play

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