On this post I will compare the diference between facebook.com website and oinkandstuff Blue Messenger on CPU/Memory consumption and bandwidth consumption.

Your PC is slow or you notice there is a huge consumption on your Internet network? Probably you didn’t notice but Facebook is responsible for a big chunk of that.


Bandwidthย Consumption

Comparison on number requests and data traffic generated by facebook.com website versus oinkandstuff Blue Messenger loading around 20/30 posts on news feed:
โ€ข facebook.com: 557 requests / 5.5Mb traffic
โ€ข oinkandstuff Facebook: 251 requests / 423Kb traffic
Many of us have metered and limited connections to Internet you can save 50% of data requests and 10x traffic just by using our Blue Messenger!!!
Save data traffic, save your notebook battery, save your RAM memory and save CPU usage.
And most off all continue to see your news feed, notifications and chat with your friends in a clean, fast and compact interface.

Memory/CPUย consumption

This time is the Memory/CPU comparison. After some 5 minutes of using both App and desktop facebook’s look at the difference on Chrome Task manager:
โ€ข facebook.com: 267Mb of Ram and 9% on CPU
โ€ข oinkandstuff Facebook104Mb of Ram and 7% on CPU
(this was tested on Intel i5 latest generation CPU)

facebook.com site grab more than double of your memory ram! And more CPU! And this was a very simple test. If I was around for more time using Facebook, this numbers would go wider.

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